Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Night Shift

So I'm working nights this week. By that I don't mean that I've taken to the streets, but rather my company implemented a big project that needed 24x5 coverage so for Monday - Friday this week I'm on a 2am-8am schedule.

My sleep/work schedule so far has been to try and go to sleep at 10pm, wake at 1:30am, work from 2-8am, then go back to sleep until noon. I mean if Da Vinci could do it, so could I, right?

Well I'm currently on day 3 of 5 and so far it's easier said than done. Monday morning I slept after my shift, and got a LOT of stuff done that day. Tuesday morning came, I slept until noon then found myself needing another nap (assisted by a glass of wine) from 2-4pm and then went back to bed at 10:30pm only to be shocked into wakening by my alarm clock at 1:30am early Wednesday. As I drove into work I passed by Waldo Bar & Grill and noticed all the people still up and going at it. I was instantly jealous that the reason they were awake was to partake in a beverage and would soon be going to sleep.

I digress. So far, this wacky sleep schedule has given me slight headaches at times, and my vision is seriously diminishing so I've resorted to wearing my glasses while driving and staring at the computer. And of course I'm tired most of the day. I did find an article how working the night shift can also screw up your metabolism and cause problems like diabetes and heart disease. I seriously doubt that after 3 days of work I could have screwed up my body too much, but I do know it would take a serious raise for me to take on a job where I permanently work 3rd shift.

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