Tuesday, July 28, 2009

GTalk for Windows Mobile

So I've been complaining for months now that I am a Crabby Patty with Google and RIM (the makers of crackberry phones) for only making GTalk available on those damn phones and not my phone that works with Windows Mobile. Most all of the other Google Apps are available with the Google Mobile pack (Maps, Gmail, YouTube, etc) except for GTalk.

So here I am stuck at work with no way to message out to my friends to make plans to go to The Jones tonight. That's almost as bad as having a kraut filled baguyna.

I decided to do a little more research today to see if the crazy smart people at Google have gotten even smarter and granted me my birthday wish from last November. Well the Eugooglers have put the icing on the cake, just not my cake. Those damn bastards went out and created GTalk for iPhone. La ti da.

Well after a little more research I found something new called Beejive. Not sure why they couldn't spell it normal like beehive which is the way it's pronounced because as far as I can tell no one else has that website url. DBags. Regardless, they have given me a medium substitute for GTalk that will suffice until the Goog peeps do their job. If you too have sucky Windows Mobile I suggest you check it out. T'is free after all.


  1. stopped by to feed the fishies. Those guys will eat anything.

  2. Oh, Gross, one of the fish just ate another one of the fish's poop! Two fish and cup? Yikes. Hey, what are you guys gonna blog about this MONTH?