Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blog in a Blog

I'm sure it's not very typical to blog about a blog, but in this case I just can't help myself.  Porter, Stout, and myself were at the dog park last night when we ran into Porter's twin's owner.  Sounds weird but there is another mutt out there (Macy) who could be Porter's sibling from the same litter.  I think Porter a pretty unique looking dog so to see this "twin" is just odd.  To continue on, Macy's owner and I got to chatting about a trip he just took to Colorado and all the amazing wildlife he saw out there.  During the discussion, he brought up this blog called the Daily Coyote which I decided to check out this morning.  All I can says is WOW.  I think having our two little tykes is hard work (especially walking both at the same time), but this is just plain nuts. 

The Daily Coyote blog.

I'm pretty sure this is some sort of copyright infringement problem I've just created for myself by posting a pic of the book she wrote (from her site) but maybe because I'm touting the blog and that a part of me is actually considering buying the book because I'm fascinated by this Coyote and her relationship to it, she'll give me a break and not sue me.  Reading this blog makes me want to go meet this animal as well as this person who has given up a life to raise this creature. 


Post Script:  Figured I would add a pic of what I feel are my own little half coyotes...

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